Upholstery Steam Cleaning

Upholstery Steam Cleaning


Upholstery steam cleaning offered by End of Tenancy Cleaning London pays a special attention to keeping your soft furniture clean, fresh and good looking.

We take care of your sofas, chairs, cushions, mattresses etc. leaving them clean, refreshed and looking brand new. Our cleaners pay special attention to both the type of fabric or leather and the stains to be cleaned. Stains can be caused by different materials, such as dirt, grease, food leftovers, spilled drinks, ashes, blood, stains, caused by pets etc. First we examine the stains and then we determine how to treat them by using different chemicals and equipment. We use the newest techniques, such as powerful vacuuming, hot water extraction, dry upholstery cleaning and leather cleaning. We are committed to using preferably powerful, but environmentally friendly and non-toxic chemicals.

Soft furniture may seem like a fast task and a piece of cake, but that’s not the way it is.

Before starting with the upholstery steam cleaning we have to select the most suitable cleaning machine, to get the job done in the most practical and rational way. Some of the cleaning machines have a very powerful suction and may damage the fabric or the upholstery material. Same as with the carpet cleaning, after selecting the most appropriate machine we proceed to the preparation and stain removal, if any, first and then to the overall upholstery cleaning. One of the most important issues here is to use as less water as possible to allow the furniture to dry out faster. Also the more often we wash the upholstery, the quicker its fabric wears and tears, it gets a shabby look and loses its initial lustre. Doing the upholstery steam cleaning once every six months is more than enough to keep your furniture clean, fresh and good looking.

Please note that like with carpet cleaning End of Tenancy Cleaning London cannot always guarantee that your favourite soft furniture can be perfectly cleaned from stains. Some very old stains and fabric discolorations cannot be removed. We shall do our best, but that’s not always possible.