Regular Domestic Cleaning

regular domestic cleaningRegular domestic cleaning might be a pleasant job, when done regularly and on time. But more often than not it is a burdensome and tedious job. There never seems to be enough time to finish with all the cleaning. End of Tenancy Cleaning London is here to save you from fighting this never-ending battle.

We offer regular domestic cleaning on a daily, weekly or other regular basis, customized to our clients’ requests. You can book our services at regular occasions at your convenience. We are flexible and offer you professional cleaning services weekly, fortnightly or as a one-off service. Our prices are more than affordable and get cheaper the more regularly you use our services.

Here are some of the things we do: we vacuum, dust, mop, polish, sanitize, aromatize etc. Now imagine that done in your kitchen, living room, bedroom(s), bathroom(s), hallway and stairs. Now can you please calculate what time it would take? Why not spend this time with your friends or family or enjoy your hobbies instead and leave the above to the professional cleaners of End of Tenancy Cleaning London.

End of Tenancy Cleaning London always pays attention to our clients’ desires and requests.

If our client has a list of the things he/she would like us to do, we shall be happy to fulfill such to-do-list. Although all our cleaners are reliable, we give our clients the opportunity to select a preferred team of cleaners (or a single cleaner) to do the regular domestic cleaning. We contract professional liability insurance for each member of our team. Before entrusting our business and your home to someone, we always do an employment background check on every worker hired with us.

End of Tenancy Cleaning London has all the cleaning equipment and products necessary

to get the task completed to the highest standards. Our cleaners are trained, skilled, organized and efficient like worker bees. Invest in your happiness rather than in cleaning materials. If you have any special requirements or would like to order some additional services, please don’t hesitate to share them with us. Entrust your regular domestic cleaning with us. Yes it’s that simple, just call us for a quote.