How to clean up after Easter

clean EasterThis year’s Easter celebrations are now in the past. What remains is the unpleasant task for you is to clean up after the Easter guests. Cleaning is sure not the most favorite housekeeping task for most housewives, however if done properly it results in a clean and charming home. Adults, let alone children, sure are enjoying the iconic Easter eggs, although the paint from the eggs, and the eggs themselves may stain clothing and furniture. Here are some suggestions how to deal with such problems.
Cleaning stains from your skin and body
An easy method is to apply Sodium Bicarbonate – baking soda solution to your skin, but you shouldn’t keep your hands intact in the solution for too long. You may cause yourself baking soda skin burns which then you can treat far more difficultly than stain marks. Firstly, wash your hands with a strong soap to remove the outer layer. Then, disolve 2tbsp of baking soda in a half cup of cold clean water. After this, wash your hands for a 2-3 minutes duration. Once you are clean your hands in the solution, wash it away with cold water. If the paint hasn’t peeled yet apply the same procedure again until the desired effect is accomplished. Don’t forget to apply moisture lotion to your hands!
Merging the Easter cleaning with Spring cleaning schedule

With some free time and proper effort, you may decide to merge the post-Easter cleaning with the so called Spring cleaning. The latter is a necessity after the long winter period. You should likely do it to avoid any unpleasant house smells and mold which may appear in your home. Such pest can for example be dealt with by laundering your carpets. They store much filth which although unseen, makes a difference. Such does the result of getting rid of it. Also, you may consider cleaning the windows joinery. It’s a commonplace for mold to build up, and once it has appeared, without proper precausions, is almost impossible to be cleaned up.