Carpet Cleaning

Carpet CleaningCarpet cleaning offered by End of Tenancy Cleaning London can help you in keeping your carpets looking new.

The state of your carpets speaks of how your home is being maintained and used. 

Clean carpets are essential for both your well being and your health. Carpets can hold hidden dirt, dust and release unpleasant odours. First we vacuum your carpets and rugs and then we move on to stain removal. Carpet stains can be the result of a number of reasons, besides the usual tear and wear, such as food, drinks, blood, chemicals, cosmetics, candle wax, soil from plants, mud and etc. Sometimes pets urinate on the carpet resulting in a bad odour or infest the carpet with parasites. The longer such stains remain on the carpet, the higher the chance of permanent discoloration. Some old, permanent stains and colour changes of carpet fibres may react adversely to stain removal products.

When dealing with carpet cleaning we pay special attention to each detail

and always do our job professionally, to the highest standards. We never rush things up, because carpet cleaning takes time in order to achieve goods results. When entering your home we always consult and discuss with our clients what needs to be done or what the clients want from us to clean. In other words we always make a thorough inspection by walking through all the rooms and investigating all carpet stains, if any. We also inquire what caused the stains at issue in the first place, how long they have stayed there so that we can determine the best products and cleaning techniques to employ. We of End of Tenancy Cleaning London always start carpet cleaning by treating the stains first with the appropriate products and then we proceed to the overall cleaning (washing) of the carpet. It is a long procedure and sometimes it takes hours depending on the size of the house.

End of Tenancy Cleaning London uses different professional techniques and chemical products for carpets cleaning.

Depending on the state of your carpets we can use steam cleaning, hot water extraction, dry cleaning, dry foam cleaning, vacuum wash, and/or stain removal by applying different methods and professional stain removal products. If necessary, infestation products can be applied. We pay special attention when treating natural fibres such as wool.

Please note that End of Tenancy Cleaning London cannot always guarantee that your carpet will be perfectly cleaned, especially if the carpet is very old, worn out with permanent stains and discoloration, which can’t be removed. We shall do our best, but that’s not always possible.