Basement cleaning (the easy way!)

In the basement, you stumble across a rake. You take a brief look around picking it up. To realise that you are sitting in the middle of a dusty chaos basement of piled up boxes, cardboard pieces and rusty nails and tools. You then begin to wonder whether today is the day of diversity, or you will rather walk away and fight (or in this case – tidy up) another day. Here is question – once you are certain you will overcome your personal pile of stashes basement goodies and make it look like a movie stage from the 60s, how would you start that?


To that, the answer is simple!


Have you ever encountered a situation in your daily life that made you feel a ‘déjà vu’ – that tingling sense that the present is repeating itself in the past. The reason of this misunderstanding is an object in your home that you tend to overlook? That is, actually, the reason why most – and single – people often live in a mess of a home. Not only do they overlook their daily routine, but they rarely ever bring a change in their habits. What most people last is thereof concentration – because it teaches persistence! Not only can you force yourself to change once you are distracted, but it is hard in your entire living – in order to make difference you should change your mindset.

Three words

 Plan. You should carefully plan the cleaning. Distribute the labor in different parts. Why should you spend of whole day of cleaning? You can stretch it in two.basement

Work and observe. Once in a while, you should take a look around. While working, you may dwelve in concentration. This is a good as having none. Move a pile, select what are you throwing away, and change it on time. Don’t make useless actions that you will have to redo minutes later.

basementAknoweldge your success. You are done throwing garbabe away. Or rearranging your room setting. Breathe in, take a picture if you must, so you can use it as a reminder for future cleanings. But don’t just accept this as part of your day, or your week. There was a reason why you wanted to start the whole thing in a first place. There is also a reason why would you do it more often.

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