After Builders Cleaning

After Builders CleaningAfter builders cleaning offered by End of Tenancy Cleaning London can easily deal with the mess left by the builders.

Renovations and building works are exciting and always anticipated with positive expectations, but even the small ones can leave a huge mass behind. No matter how clean the builders work, what tools and equipment they use, there is always dirt and debris to be cleaned. Don’t get despaired call End of Tenancy Cleaning London. We are the professionals that will step in when you most need us. Our cleaners will help you see the astonishing results of your home renovation in no time. Just wave your magic wand by calling our company and our cleaners will get your home rid of all the building dust and waste.

After builders cleaning can be long and burdensome job, depending on the stage of building the builders have reached. There are several cleaning stages, until the final finishing of a building site. For industrial cleaning it is important to start our work at the very beginning, i.e. to clean after the builders regularly, because the more works are completed, the harder the cleaning becomes. We have cleaned several building sites and our clients were always satisfied with our services.

For home repairs it is important to note that the workers must have completed all their works, so that we the cleaners can do ours. It is not recommended to have builders and cleaners in your home at the same time, because the result will not be that satisfactory. After builders cleaning is similar to the end of tenancy cleaning.

We examine and clean meticulously every square inch and every corner of your home.

End of Tenancy Cleaning London cleaners start from the most hard to clean places first, such as your kitchen and bathroom, where we spend more time and energy to achieve the desired result. The kitchen is thoroughly cleaned, namely all cabinets, shelves, oven, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, washing machine, etc. We also clean thoroughly everything in your bathroom, mainly to remove the remains of construction materials such as cement, silicone, paint, etc. All this requires special products and instruments.

Then we go on with the same deep cleaning in the other rooms, the bedrooms and the living room. Our cleaners wipe all wardrobes inside and out, polish the mirrors, and move beds and furniture to get the carpets cleaned from all sides.

We are skilled, professionally trained and have all the necessary equipment

and cleaning products at hand. End of Tenancy Cleaning London will help you enjoy the new look of your home, without worrying about the unpleasant cleaning.